Tom LaPorte

Every Word Counts

Hembree Heist: A Hembree Elementary Story

What’s one of the most used tools in an elementary classroom?  Why pencil sharpeners, of course!  What happens when all the electric pencil sharpeners in an entire elementary school wind up missing?  Madness!  Who’s behind this bizarre scheme to drive the administration and teachers crazy?  Could it be three unassuming 5th grade girls?  Perhaps it’s the troublesome trio of 5th grade boys.  There are some pretty suspicious adults lurking the hallways at Hembree Elementary, too.  This mystery is not as easy to solve as one might think!

 From the story’s inception, twenty-one fifth grade students offered their imaginations and creativity to this project.  They played a major role in character development.  Storyline elements significant to the students themselves were paramount.

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